Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bizkit?

Bizkit is a business management tool for entrepreneurs running a small and growing business. The platform is suited to businesses that buy or make products to sell. Service providers can also use Bizkit in tracking and managing their growth. See the infographic below for more ideas on who can use Bizkit.
When you sign up on Bizkit as a business owner, you will be tagged as an Admin. Every admin can add up to 4 other users to manage a business account on Bizkit. As an admin, you can also assign different roles to these users. To register a user, you will create an account from the business profile page and input the users’ email address. An email will be sent to the added users. Once they accept your invitation, they are given access to work in your business account. You can delete their access to your business account anytime.
To set up your business account, you would have to sign up by following the following steps:
- Go to the signup page.
- Enter Company Name.
- Enter Email.
- Enter your name
- Choose your password
- Click on the Register button

Bizkit And Devices

Bizkit is a primarily available on the web. You can however save it on the home screen of your mobile phone where it can function as a web app, for easy access.
Bizkit is designed to run without needing a supporting app or extra hardware. You only need your internet enabled phone, tablet or PC to use Bizkit.

Bizkit Features

Bizkit gives you total freedom to design your business account to your toast. There are tools available to create the unique experience you desire.
By signing up on Bizkit, you have 24/7 access to a quality support team, to provide prompt resolutions to your queries.
sBizkit is a business management tool, you are allowed to run four critical areas of your business using Bizkit, but it doesn’t give you a direct platform to sell. You may however keep your inventory, product listings and sales records on Bizkit to keep track of your growth.


Every data on Bizkit is hosted in a secure and safe environment, which guarantees complete safety for your precious data. Every user also enjoys 99.9% uptime for data availability anywhere and anytime.
You get the first month free on Bizkit, but you may be required to enter your debit card details to make a subscription.
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